Deal Breaker, the Game!

After dating a month, your date dares you to "dine and dash" with them at the restaurant. Deal Breaker?
Everyone has an inner voice that tells them to "walk away" or "this one is a keeper."  How well do you know your own voice or that of your friends and family?  Test them with this hilarious and insightful game!
Deal Breaker is the card game where players are faced with "deal breaker" questions about potential mates and dating partners. The Deal Breakers can be challenging, or light and funny.
How about: You have been dating an amazing person for three months when you find out he has an online blog about his life.  With 10,000 followers. And the past three months of your dating life have been discussed in detail.  Deal Breaker? 
  • It is portable and perfect to play anywhere
  • For Adults
  • 3 or more players
  • Includes 49 Deal Breaker Coaster Cards with 98 Deal Breaker questions

$ 12.95

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