Our Story

Zobmondo!! Entertainment is a San Francisco Bay-Area company that has been making best-selling games for over 20 years. 

We started back in Los Angeles when founder Randy Horn was attending business school at UCLA.  As luck would have it, he signed up for a course on developing business plans. Over the semester, Randy crafted a business focused on the creation of board games. With some wild game ideas and a well-structured business model, Randy won a prize in the class competition and Zobmondo!! Entertainment became a reality. 

Originally focused on party games, Zobmondo has evolved into board games for the entire family as well as some awesome sports-centric dice games.

Randy continues to invent games, but also discovers them through friends and outside inventors.  A great true story: Randy gets a call from his college buddy Dan, who tells Randy all about the game his 6-year old daughter, Kylie, created for a class project. Turns out it was a pretty great idea. With a few tweaks to gameplay and board design, and after many nights of game testing, Zobmondo's best seller, the Ladybug Game, was born!   


The newest game to our lineup, Tic Tac Whoa!! is an idea originally submitted to us by Lucy Krause, an 8-year old from New Orleans. She invented the concept of making tic-tac-toe into a card game. We worked with our "game tweakers" to create advanced, more challenging levels, then added some rules and gems, and are fired up how well it turned out.  

All of us at Zobmondo love playing games and hosting game night parties with friends and families. We are constantly on the lookout for new game ideas, striving to improve the games we created, and finding the time to relax and play!   

Please contact us with your questions, comments or game idea submissions. We really do love hearing from you!  Please see our Contact Us page on how to reach us.

Game ON!