GoLo! The Golf Dice Game!


Golf Digest magazine calls GoLo "The simplest, fastest, cheapest, coolest indoor golf game ever conceived."  This addicting game is simple to learn, but challenging to master and impossible to put down.

Like regular golf, the object of GoLo is to shoot the lowest score possible. The 9 dice represent 9 holes and feature birdies, bogeys, pars, and the dreaded "others."  Just like real golf, there is pressure, decision making, and the ultimate satisfaction of going low!  Participants can roll the dice and play different games depending on the number of people involved and the amount of time available.

GoLo is the perfect combination of strategy and luck that golfers, non-golfers, grown-ups and kids love.  Change your strategies depending on the type of game you're playing. If it's a 72-hole stroke play game, play a bit more conservatively. If it's a 9-hole winner-take-all game, it's time to get aggressive and go low!

Created by a PGA Professional.

It is portable and perfect to play anywhere!

GoLo! The Golf Dice Game includes:

  • Playing rules
  • Nine dice
  • Dice cup
  • Scorecards
  • Travel bag

Ages 6+

$ 17.99

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