Tic Tac Whoa!! Card Game

This isn't your Momma's tic-tac-toe! 

This addicting game concept was invented by 8-year old Lucy Krause from New Orleans. "Tic-Tac-Toe always ends in a draw.  So I put the X's and O's on cards and turned it into a card game." 

We took this twisted tic-tac-toe concept and ran with it.  We know you'll love what we did. There are five levels of play, starting simple with 10 Card. Then work your way up to achieve mind-blowing genius status with the advanced Locked & Blocked! 

Now don't think Tic Tac Whoa!! is just for kids. It's not.  It is simple to learn, but facing tough opponents on the advanced levels, you will feel it Bending Your Mind Until it Breaks!!

One radical change to Tic Tac Whoa!! is that you are no longer an X or O player.  Any player can use X or O cards.  X cards can be played on top of O cards, and vice versa.  Score 1 point for every tic-tac-toe you create.  Create 3 in one turn... Whoa!!

Best for ages 7 and Up. However, we see kids as young as 4 crushing Level 1.  It comes in a durable, compact take-it-with-you-anywhere tin box. 

Time to Play: 10 minutes

2 to 4 Players

National Parenting Product Award Winner!  

The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Winner! 

Game includes:

  • 17 "X" Cards
  • 17 "O" Cards
  • 8 Scoring Cards
  • 4 Colored Gems
  • Illustrated Rules

$ 13.99

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