Don't Make Me Laugh



True Story: Two Dads playing with their families received the card: “Make up a quick cheer!”  It resulted in them baring belly buttons, singing, and finishing with a two-man pyramid!  We say, Awesome.   Others call it “Charades on steroids.”

Don’t Make Me Laugh is an exciting family game where you act out hysterical situations. Sometimes you go it alone and sometimes you collaborate with others.  The improv nature of the performances sparks creative thinking, humor, and self-confidence. 

There is no guessing, it's not charades. Simply announce you are about to "Act like an out-of-control sprinkler" and do your thing!

 There are three ways to perform:

  • All Play: Everyone acts out the card at the same time.
  • Partner Play: Each player teams up and collaborates with one partner.
  • Solo Act: The world is your stage! You are on your own, so GO FOR IT!

A seven-time Award Winner, including:

  • Toy's Top 10 Best New Game
  • Professor Toyzngamez Gold Medal
  • NAPPA Silver Medal.

 Ages 5 and older and an unlimited number of players.

Don't Make Me Laugh comes with:

  • 100 Don't Make Me Laugh Improv Cards
  • 17 Award Title Cards
  • 1 Clown Nose
  • 5 Cloth Goodie Bags
  • 55 Award Tokens
  • 15 Jelly Bands
  • 1 Parent Guide

$ 27.99

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