Zobmondo!! Deal Breaker Card Game | Adult Party Card Game | Great For Game Night Parties, Girls Night In, Bachelor or Bachelorette Celebrations

THE PERFECT ICEBREAKER FOR PARTIES! The card game where players are faced with "deal breaker" questions about potential mates and dating partners. Warning: Don't take too seriously if playing with your significant other!

EVERY SCENARIO IS A CONVERSATION STARTER! The Deal Breakers can be light and funny, or challenging. Try this: "After dating for a month your date dares you to ‘dine and dash’ with them at the restaurant.” Deal Breaker?

UNCOVER YOUR FRIENDS' DATING SECRETS! Everyone has an inner voice that tells them to "walk away" or "this one is a keeper." How well do you know your own voice, or that of your friends and family? Test them with this hilarious and insightful game.

PERECT TO PLAY ON THE GO OR AT HOME! This portable game is a great addition for date night, girl’s night in, a visit to your favorite bar, or bachelorette party. Perfect for fans of irreverent card games.

PLAYERS: For 3+ talkative players. AGES: 18 years and up.  GAME DURATION: 10 to 15 minutes.


Ready for a card game to add excitement to your next party? Then Deal Breaker might be the game for you. Each player draws a card and is presented with a possible dating scenario. It’s then its time to decide whether the scenario is a deal breaker or not! 

Deal Breaker is a game of wacky possibilities that will spice up your next game night. Questions include scenarios such as “You're on a first date with someone who is extremely attractive but keeps three cell phones on the table during the entire date with no explanation.” It’s up to you to decide whether the behavior is a deal breaker or not!

Best played with a group of friends, players will learn what makes a deal breaker!  Some questions are easy, some funny, but be warned as some questions are downright challenging! This fun party game can be enjoyed at home or on the go. Deal Breaker is sure to bring out the laughs in everyone!


The first player reads aloud a scenario and secretly decides if its a deal breaker for them. The other players predict what that player selected.  The first player then reveals his answer.  All others reveal their predictions.  If answers match, players get points and the player with most points at the end of the game, wins!  Free flowing discussion of each scenario is a must!


Recommended for 18 years and up. 
For 3+ talkative players.

Game time: 10 to 15 minutes.

Game includes 49 Deal Breaker Coaster Cards with 98 Deal Breaker questions and a set of rules.


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