Party Gras

Ages 13 and older. Throw a Mardi Party! It doesn’t have to be Mardi Gras to play Party Gras. Party Gras is a perfect way to spice up any social occasion. It’s a great add-on activity for any dinner party, birthday celebration, back yard barbecue, or big game get-together. And unlike other games, you won’t be stuck sitting around a table. Stand up….move around…and try to cleverly complete the lively missions on your cards. For example, MIND CONTROL: Make someone refuse to throw away your trash or CAUGHT IN THE ACT: Catch someone text messaging or TALK IT OUT: Find someone who likes werewolves better than vampires. Use your charm and wit to get those sparkly beads away from others, all while they’re trying to get your beads away from you. Collect the most beads to win. Party Gras…the game that’s the life of the party! 4 to 12 Players. 10 or more minutes to play.

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