Experience the thrill of gridiron action with GoLong! It's a 4-quarter smash-mouth football game where you roll the dice to march 100 yards down the field. But standing between you and the goal line are sacks, penalty flags, and costly turnovers. Score touchdowns, field goals, and 2-point conversions — go for it on 4th down if you have to! It's lightning-fast gridiron action for football fans of all ages!

Playing GoLong

GoLong is a head-to-head dice game that can be played with two players or two teams of two players each. All ages can play, but younger kids may need a little help adding and subtracting to figure out first downs and move the ball down the field properly.

Playing Tips

•Remember that you can take multiple plays from a single roll. For example, 7+2+1 = first down!

•If you get a big play, take smaller plays from that roll first to get those yards. For example, 2+2+30 = 34 yards and a first down.

•Remember that you can make a comeback on the last series, even if the other players has the ball. If you get a turnover, you have a chance to convert it into a last-second score.


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